General Lecture Series Year 6 Serie-13 by Eurasia Foundation (EAF) FKIP

Japan has become a thriving multicultural society, combining Japan’s rich traditions and culture with varied global influences. In recent years, the country has witnessed a significant growth in the number of foreign residents and minority groups living and working in Japan.

This development was due to several factors, including the government’s more inclusive policies towards immigration, strong economic growth, and demographic and social changes in Japan. More people from various countries are coming to Japan to work, study, or join their families who have settled there.

As a result, large cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokohama have become centers of multicultural life in Japan. There, you can find diverse communities and neighborhoods dominated by foreign residents. Restaurants and shops with international cuisine, cultural events and festivals celebrating various cultures are common in these cities.

Japanese pop culture, such as anime, manga and J-pop music, has also become a powerful tool for spreading Japanese influence around the world. Many fans from various countries come to Japan to explore the cultural roots that inspired these works, creating deeper cultural exchanges.

However, as in multicultural societies in other countries, Japan also faces challenges in creating harmony and integration between different groups. Despite government measures to promote social inclusion and equity, there are still some cultural and language barriers to be overcome.

To add insight on this topic, Please take a part in General Lecture Series that facilated by Eurasia Foundation (EAF) FKIP Tadulako University Year 6.

[GUEST LECTURER] Dianni Risda, M.Ed.
Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

[THEME] Series 13 Japan’s Mulitcultural Society

[SAVE THE DATE] 📅 Saturday, 17 June 2023
⏰ 09.00 WITA
💻 Offline : Ruang FKIP 07
Online : Via ZOOM id
Passcode: EAF2023

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